Washington Wizards Game Sign Up Page

As part of another Interaction Design class assignment, I created a Washington Wizards Game 2-page sign up screen, using the methods learned in class (and described on the ‘Little Chef’ page of the website).

The assignment involved defining the problem, perform user research and develop a persona which I thought were the primary kind of people who attended a Washington Wizards Basketball match. Then I created annotated wireframes of the screens and the flow of actions that can be performed over each. And finally, I created a high-fidelity interactive prototype of the application.

Problem Definition
  • Get maximum number of users (business goal) to aRend the Wizards Basketball match to be held on October 31st, 2016 at Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center.
  • Attract users through possible incentives
  • Incorporate Washington Wizards’ branding
  • Avoid user cognitive overload. Keep the screens simple and minimalistic
Creating the persona


Developing annotated wireframes


Depicting the flow of action using the wireframes


My final presentation can be found here:
Washington Wizards Final Presentation