Gift Recommender

For a JavaScript programming class, I worked on a group project which we named ‘Gift Recommender’, the main idea of which was to recommend users with gifts that they could gift someone.

There are a plethora of e-commerce websites. So many, that users often spend a lot of time hunting through websites for the perfect item (or may be a gift). Our projects basic aim was to help make online gift buying easy for its users. The application required users to enter basic information of the gift recipients (and some, of the user, too) that will help it analyze and recommend gifts based on the details provided by the user, thereby making it easier for the user to give the right gift to their loved ones.

Landing Page

The application was built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and jQuery.

The process we followed to build this was:

  1. Brainstorming: Of course, we couldn’t start off without the ideation phase. We finally picked the idea we wanted to implement, and noted the various features we would plan to add in it, along with the transition of screens.
  2. Building a storyboard: We sketched out the screens that we would be building and the kind of interaction a user (with some hypothetical story) would perform with each page.
Screen 1: Form where the user would fill out the recipient’s details & Screen 2: Gift category recommendations
Screen 3: Gift sub-categories & Screen 4: Gift category selection results

3. Development: We divided the work amongst us team members, and later integrated the project as a whole, and tested it from start to end.

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