Faculty Website Design

We came up with several designs for the Engineering Faculty’s website template that was to be created in WordPress. We considered the various aspects that would offer good user experience, and would help not only the faculty (owner of the individual website) but also the viewers of their websites a pleasant user experience. We aimed on creating a simple, minimalistic yet attractive website that did its job.

Some of these aspects included, but not limited to were, breadcrumbs, a structured and well-defined navigation system (organized Information Architecture) – primary and secondary menus; top-of-page navigation tools, search boxes, and limited menu items per category.

One such design is shown below.


The entire process involved:

  1. Studying the varied existing UMD Engineering faculty websites (that were mostly pure HTML websites) who volunteered to get their websites migrated to WordPress,
  2. Identifying patterns across these websites
  3. Merging common themes into a single structure
  4. Creating a site map of the website
  5. Sketching out the basic structure of the new template
  6. Coming up with different designs for the Faculty website template
  7. Creating wireframes for the shortlisted ones
  8. Designing interactive prototypes of the proposed designs
  9. Selecting and customizing a WordPress theme
  10. Developing any widgets required for the template
  11. Migrating the faculty website from HTML to WordPress

A faculty website developed using this design is shown below and can be viewed using the below link:

Dr. Chung C. Fu’s website

UMD’s Bridge Engineering Software & Technology (BEST) Center’s website was developed using a similar template (see Figure below).

BEST Center