College Statistics Comparison App

An Interaction Design class assignment involved having to create a mobile application that compares two College’s statistics (like drop out rate) and provides some kind of insights to the user. As per the given problem, the application was to be designed for a College X’s VP of Enrollment.

  1. Problem Definition

A mobile application that allows the VP, or any other authenticated user, to compare College X with any other College, whose above statistical data is available in the system, would help the user solve their need. Based on my research, in order to satisfy the user’s current as well as future needs, the mobile application needed to include:

  • A branding of the College
  • Ways to compare College under consideration with any other desired College
  • Ways to compare College under consideration with multiple Colleges
  • Choice of viewing data as different graph types
  • Highlights of points that stand out on comparing College data (Probable action points)

The key aim of the mobile application should be to provide quick insights to the VP, and cut the task of analyzing the graphs to derive meaning out of the comparison. Therefore, a page that provides highlights would help the VP take quick and accurate decisions.

2. Annotated Wireframe

Next, I created annotated wireframes of my design of the  mobile application.

Landing Page
Page displaying statistics

3. High-fidelity prototypes

Finally, I designed high-fidelity prototypes and added the flow of action to them.

Landing Page
Landing Page with slider expanded
Page displaying the statistics

You can find the final presentation here:
College Stats Comparison App: Final Presentation

Also, a previous design proposal for this project can be found here:

College Statistics Comparison: Older design